Marketing Directors.

You’ve got a killer marketing strategy.

But you’re looking around the room and there’s no one to implement it. You feel like traditional ad agencies don’t have what it takes to make your goals, and talent agencies – well, it’s more often miss than hit. Who’s going to create the right tactics and content design to complement your strategy?

We built this house for you.

nhouse.design is a non-agency designed to address critical brand development issues in traditionally run ad agencies as well as marketing strategy issues with talent agencies and freelancers. You want to work directly with someone without hiring an entire marketing department, while maintaining your marketing budget with our flattened cost structure.

What we can do for your strategy:



It is imperative to build proper brand messaging from the ground up; the core from which all your messaging will emanate and continuously revolve around.

  • Identify the distinguishing nature of your brand and what sets it apart from others
  • Develop your brand story through narrative story development and action
  • Design your brand promises as extensions of your company’s mission and product focus
  • Develop your list of brand beliefs that support your brand story and brand promises
  • Coordinate your branding elements in order to build consistent messaging and secure consumer trust and confidence in the brand


Getting your audience engaged, gaining a strategically sound positioning statement, brand story and focused content campaign with properly structured messages sent to the right channels is essential.

  • Understand the differences between a market, target market, and market segment
  • Differentiate between mass marketing, concentrated and differentiated target strategies
  • Understand how to create a positioning statement
  • Identify market segments within an entire market
  • Realize segmentation principles in digital contexts


Your campaign’s success depends on search engine results, content consistency, frequent calls-to-action and a dynamic social media presence.

  • Determine what it takes to become a content leader
  • Identify opportunities to use calls-to-action on site to motivate readers to respond
  • Learn how to create a working editorial calendar
  • Identify which channels are referring the most users
  • Track individuals into, through, and out of your website
  • Create a goal funnel to capture customers for engagement and sales
  • Track and analyze Google Analytics to know if you are accomplishing your goals for brand awareness, brand acquisition, and brand retention
  • Determine and implement strategies for above industry average website performance and email open and click-through rates with your email campaigns